Fake / Misleading Dreaml4nd / Dreaml4nd Records profiles in the internet

Just wanted you to know that there are couple of profiles in the internet which try to impersonate me.

First one is Dreaml4nd in Mixloud (www.mixcloud.com/Dreaml4nd). This is not me and I have nothing to do with this profile, even that the owner put the cover of Dreaml4nd – Dreamland album as a profile picture I do have a Mixcloud profile but it is not with the name Dreaml4nd. I am known in Mixcloud as Golan – Aegonox – Peter Pan and my Mixcloud profile is here: www.mixcloud.com/aegonox-peter-pan

Then there is Dreaml4nd Records profile in Bandcamp (dreaml4ndrecords.bandcamp.com). This is not my or my labels (Dreaml4nd Records) profile. It is set up by the official distributor (Arabesque) of Dreaml4nd – Dreamland release. If you send messages to this profile, I will not receive them so I recommend to follow my official Dreaml4nd / Dreaml4nd Records Bandcamp page, which is here: dreaml4nd.bandcamp.com

On way to Ozora 2015

Delivered 10kg of Dreamland CDs to all lovely Ozorians (in the most lightweight “suitcase”). It was quite a struggle to carry them all the way from Finland. I hope you enjoyed it πŸ™‚


Goa Dream BPM mistake :)

I dont know how many of you have noticed, but Dreaml4nd – Goa Dream tune is in 144.9 BPM instead of 145 BPM (which is written to the disc).

This is my mistake, when exporting the final version I had accidentally BPM in 144.9 instead of 145. I just thought that I would say it here so that DJs trying to beatmatch dont become crazy πŸ™‚

Dreaml4nd – Zilk Road, coming soon :)


My next album (Dreaml4nd – Zilk Road) went just for mastering πŸ™‚Β I am now studying that how we should release it. Would you like to have it on CD, or is better to have it released digital only?


1. Arabian Magic
2. Night Orchestra
3. Final Fantasy Babil Giant
4. Rabbit Hole Visit
5. Forest of Emotions
6. Piano with Legs

Early versions of all of these tracks are in Soundcloud (1, 2, 4 and 5 are in upcoming tunes clip and 3, and 6 are as separate tunes). Below is draft of the cover πŸ™‚
If you want a CD, please reply something to corresponding thread in my Facebook page. Then I will know if it is feasible to press a CD-batch.

Link to the Facebook page isΒ here.

Psy / Goa Music