DJ Aegonox

DJ AegonoxDJ Aegonox is Golan Lampi (also known as DJ Peter Pan, Dreaml4nd and Neural Waves) from Finland. He is the mastermind behind a club called Goa from Helsinki Finland and responsible from numerous outstanding club and underground events in Finland that have been an important part of electronic music culture of Helsinki for many years. In addition for being a talented DJ capable to throwing a set in almost any substyle of psytrance (and a few other styles like tech-house/tribal) he has designed tens of lineups (most of them multi-stage) with hundreds of artists and international names like Vibrasphere, Ott, Space Buddha, Prometheus, Talamasca, Ticon, Artifact303, Gappeq, Texas Faggott, and many many others.

Aegonox is label DJ of Agitato Records, Dream Vision Media and Mind Control Records and in addition to Finland has played in places like Japan, Netherlands, Bali and Estonia. Aegonox is also a long time actor in Entropy, a finnish non-profit organization whose mission is to promote underground electronic music culture in Finland. Aegonox has also background in Japan where he was living in 2004-2005.