Dreaml4nd Remix Kits (Goa Dream, Crystal Dream, Endless Induction)

Would you like a Dreaml4nd remix kit?
A lot of people in Soundcloud and some in Facebook have asked me for a collab. Hopefully some day I would have more time for interactive collab, but for now the only thing I can offer you is remix kits.
I have prepared 3 remix kits (Goa Dream, Crystal Dream, Endless Induction). You are free to play with them if you want :), They can be found from the link below. If you like them, share them.
If you manage to do any remixes, please let me know πŸ™‚

MWNN – Teleport, Pleiadians – Alcyone, Vibrasphere, Ticon – Dewdrops unfinished remixes now also in Youtube

Dreaml4nd remixes of Man With No Name – Teleport, Pleiadians – Alcyone and Vibrasphere, Ticon – Dewdrops are now also in Youtube. These are still far from final versions but as finishing them might take a while you can listen to the intermediate versions while waiting πŸ™‚Β Links are below:



Fake / Misleading Dreaml4nd / Dreaml4nd Records profiles in the internet

Just wanted you to know that there are couple of profiles in the internet which try to impersonate me.

First one is Dreaml4nd in Mixloud (www.mixcloud.com/Dreaml4nd). This is not me and I have nothing to do with this profile, even that the owner put the cover of Dreaml4nd – Dreamland album as a profile picture I do have a Mixcloud profile but it is not with the name Dreaml4nd. I am known in Mixcloud as Golan – Aegonox – Peter Pan and my Mixcloud profile is here: www.mixcloud.com/aegonox-peter-pan

Then there is Dreaml4nd Records profile in Bandcamp (dreaml4ndrecords.bandcamp.com). This is not my or my labels (Dreaml4nd Records) profile. It is set up by the official distributor (Arabesque) of Dreaml4nd – Dreamland release. If you send messages to this profile, I will not receive them so I recommend to follow my official Dreaml4nd / Dreaml4nd Records Bandcamp page, which is here: dreaml4nd.bandcamp.com