Dreaml4nd Remix Kits (Goa Dream, Crystal Dream, Endless Induction)

Would you like a Dreaml4nd remix kit?
A lot of people in Soundcloud and some in Facebook have asked me for a collab. Hopefully some day I would have more time for interactive collab, but for now the only thing I can offer you is remix kits.
I have prepared 3 remix kits (Goa Dream, Crystal Dream, Endless Induction). You are free to play with them if you want :), They can be found from the link below. If you like them, share them.
If you manage to do any remixes, please let me know πŸ™‚

MWNN – Teleport, Pleiadians – Alcyone, Vibrasphere, Ticon – Dewdrops unfinished remixes now also in Youtube

Dreaml4nd remixes of Man With No Name – Teleport, Pleiadians – Alcyone and Vibrasphere, Ticon – Dewdrops are now also in Youtube. These are still far from final versions but as finishing them might take a while you can listen to the intermediate versions while waiting πŸ™‚Β Links are below: